Getafe, the opponent of FC Basel in the Europa League, is the top! No other Team concedes more Fouls than the club from the southern suburbs of Madrid. 19 Times per game of the player of Getafe handles this season in a cut to unauthorized resources. This is League-to-peak value. Last season Getafe was the Team, by far the most was playing foul (642). Not only in Spain, is a peak value. No other team in Europe’s Top 5 leagues concedes more Fouls. The most unfair player in the current season Getafes Jaime Mata is – not surprisingly–. 34 Times in 9 Games handle Mata to unauthorized resources.

There are usually no nasty Fouls. Rather, they serve the flow of the game to the opponent to stop, to break the rhythm. Here is a tweezers, a light poking. No wonder the games with Getafe, those with the shortest net time. “Nobody likes to play against Getafe,” says Diego Simeone, the coach of Atletico Madrid, which is itself washed with all waters.

While Getafe can play beautiful counter-attacking football. Quickly, in a straight line. To Getafe in front of rushed the last season to 5th place in the table. A small miracle. Three years ago, the club hovering around in the lowlands of the 2. League as José Bordalás took over. He has established the unloved club in Spain’s Primera Division. And if you believe him, then last season would have been in there even more: “You don’t love us, so we are at a disadvantage.” The Champions League was missed only by 2 points, because “we were blown in the game against Real Sociedad three penalties.”