Euro 2020 postponed for a year. Top of the League pushed through a decision of UEFA

the leadership of the European Union of football associations will take the championship of Europe on football in the tournament, which was to be held in June-July 2020 12 European cities will now take place in the summer of 2021. Who will take him is not clear.

As previously reported Вести.Ru UEFA holds in these days of consultations with the heads of the national federations and the leading football leagues. Experts believe that the latter was able to “push” the decision of the Union.

It plays into the hands of the largest national Championships (England, Germany, Spain, Italy, France), according to insiders Spanish publication As. The country’s “big five” will now be able to painlessly finish the season and not lose too much money.

Earlier the games in the Championships of the five Top League was suspended, however, none of the federations has not yet announced that the results of the Championships will be announced in a state that exists in the League today.