Eugenie Bouchard is currently preparing in Miami at the US Open. In this time, they lodged in a Five-star Hotel – as well as her “brother” Solomon Shlomo Azari. As the “Miami News” reported, was arrested the 24-year-old man last week, however. The reason is that Azari’s not Bouchard’s brother. This is also the canadian, as was shown by the police a photo of the man confirmed.

During two months of long-Azari has lived under a false identity at the expense of the tennis stars in the same luxury hotel. He let it go really well. He dined in the classy Hotel Restaurant and got drunk at the Bar on the roof terrace. The final bill: 42’000 Swiss francs!

fraud, identity theft and theft

Until the end of July, the hotel management came to the Fake brother gradually to the bottom. A trusted person of Bouchard refused to settle a bill of more than 30’000 Swiss francs.

Azari have to answer now because of fraud, identity theft, and theft before the court. Instead of a beautiful hotel Suite could wait, for soon a small prison cell on the impostor. (jk)