people who want to miss sign stands, such as corruption or tax evasion, are in future to enjoy the protection of the law about the loss of your job.

in Principle, the Directive provides for a three-stage process. Informants should in the first instance, a company or authorities shall inform the internal centre about the abuses. If that doesn’t help to be on a public Supervisory authority. Only in the last instance, you can turn to the Public.

The European Parliament has in the negotiations with the member States, however, have far-reaching derogations from this System. So the path via internal channels is required only if the Problem can actually be solved. Even if the whistleblower about Retaliation risked supervisor, he may apply directly to a competent authority.

In certain cases, whistleblowers are protected in the future, even legally, if you apply directly to the Public, for example by means of the media. As an example for such a scenario, the EU Commission called for a Situation in which “the authorities concerned and the offender agreements have taken”.

the Council of The member States must adopt the Directive is now formally before being implemented by the EU countries in national legislation.

informants played in the past few years, a Central role in the detection of tax evasion, misuse of data, or doping scandals. With the best-known of the US Informant Edward Snowden. He had brought the 2013 documents by the U.S. secret service, the NSA’s global surveillance programs to the Public and had to flee to Russia.