EU leaders approved the plan on rescue of economy to 540 billion euros

the leaders of the 27 member countries European Union (EU) have approved an emergency program to rescue the European economy with a volume of 540 billion euros. The program will start on 1 June. This was stated by the head of the European Council Charles Michel, reports TASS.

in addition, EU leaders instructed the European Commission (EC) to develop the parameters of the future long-term recovery Fund of the European economy, which has suffered due pandemic coronavirus. According to Michel, the issue is urgent.

Earlier it was reported that the European Commission has conceived a plan for two trillion euros for the withdrawal of EU from the pandemic coronavirus economic crisis.

In late March, Bloomberg analysts came to the conclusion that the Eurozone is waiting for the strongest economic crisis in the history of the region in the context of actual stay in business activity due coronavirus. Thus, the index of business activity (PMI) in UK fell to the lowest level since 1998 and have established a record in the history of observations in the epidemic COVID-19.