foreign Minister, Ignazio Cassis (57) played after the Non-decision on the framework agreement on the urgency of the business. There have been no in the Brussels-imposed Deadline, said the EDA chief on Friday – had previously been the Consensus, that Brussels is up at 7. December initialling required. The government insists in the European policy on the pace and claimed that this was in the sense of the EU.

Of such understanding in the European Parliament, however, to feel nothing.
The German CDU politician Andreas Schwab (45), for example, says to Sunday view quite clearly: “Until the end of the year we need to definitely come to a conclusion.”

Schwab is in the EU-Parliament, Vice-Chairman of the Delegation for relations with Switzerland. In the area of dispute settlement, the EU, Switzerland has accommodated. “The Ball is now in Switzerland.” You need a “now” decision, because next year’s European elections and national Council elections in Switzerland are pending. “We now have a unique window of time to bring the negotiations to success. Switzerland must be in agreement and their Position to the EU to clarify.”
games of the Federal Council on time, stay on the current state of the relationship. Schwab is a possible no Switzerland: “Without a framework agreement, there will be no new agreement. The relationships begin to erode.” Furthermore, the extension of the exchange of equivalence was then to be “questionable”.

President of the Switzerland-Delegation of the Dane Jørn Dohrmann (49). As a politician of the right-wing populist Danish people’s party, he has, by nature, understanding for the Swiss fear a loss of Sovereignty. But he also says: “In the event of a failure, both sides would lose.” A Situation without the context of the contract would jeopardize the current agreement between Brussels and Bern. “Where it might be, is difficult to predict. But the Swiss population needs to be presented to the Situation.”

a newly composed Federal Council and a new EU Commission, new momentum in the negotiations, such as in Bern, some hope, doubts Dohrmann: “The key points of the deal are already in the pipeline. That will not change, and a new government will be able to put anything New on the negotiating table.”

Impatient Juncker

Even more sceptical Elmar Brok (72). The German CDU member of the European Parliament, is a close Confidant of the President of the Commission Jean-Claude Juncker (63). For the Swiss to Worry about because of wage protection, has Brok “no understanding”. Switzerland to stay hard, could let the EU stop things, “we want to have”.

Juncker himself had on Friday via a Communiqué to his impatience: The Federal Council to expect “that the consultation is carried out swiftly”. And you hope for a “positive result”.

CDU politician Elmar Brok weibelte in September in the Federal house for the framework agreement – on behalf of his Familiar, EU Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker.

Elmar Brok : If the Federal Council gives the contract to the consultation, this does not mean that it comes before 2020 back into the conversation. Then we have a new EU Commission. The must be compiled in the fall of 2019 after the elections.

This must not be. But Switzerland will lose their particular well-wishers Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker. He is personally very disappointed.

of Course. But most of the problems are solved. In the case of the wage question, I have no understanding of.

We have in the EU, the legal basis that the tariff laws of the relevant jurisdiction. Foreign workers are paid according to the fare rules of the country in which you are working. The same is true for Switzerland.

Then, the EU does the same as the Swiss and we decide things that we want to have. Some will not fit, maybe.

Since there are different possible areas. Energy and stock market questions, for example.

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