The European elections have caused a great deal of movement in the European political landscape. While with the Social Democrats and Christian Democrats, the traditional forces hefty losses to cope with, go forth in addition to the right-wing populists, the Greens and the liberals as the winner of the elections.

in Switzerland, the EU elections were followed-up with voltage. Finally, one is always affected by choices of the EU, most recently, for example, in the case of the weapons Directive, but also in terms of privacy or in the case of the possible abolition of the time change.

Green-President Rytz cheers

Pleased with the result, especially the Green-President Regula Rytz (57) does. “The success of the European Green confirmed the support for the Greens in Switzerland”, soars you. It shows that you have set the correct focus by making the elections in the autumn to “climate options”. “We are now confident in the hot Phase of the election campaign,” said Rytz.

The liberals agreed to the choice of output is also positive. “Of course we are pleased about the success of the liberals,” says the FDP-President Petra Gössi (43). She adds, however: An indicator for Switzerland, the EU choice was not.

Also in the SP hastens to stress that a comparison was difficult. “Very different national characteristics have played a role,” says the Zurich-based SP-national councillor Fabian Molina (28). In addition, not all social democratic parties had lost. “Lost, those that have have neglected the question of social justice. Was successful, who has connected the SP Switzerland – the European Opening, with social concerns,” according to Molina’s slightly high-flown Interpretation.

CVP is concerned

To think the result is meanwhile, the CVP, which, like the social Democrats to the losers party families. CVP-President Gerhard Pfister (56) warns that “Radicalisation to the left and to the right of” consensus solutions and the cohesion of the game would. Exactly on such a consensus and a balance the success of Switzerland as a model for the CVP role-based.

And what the SVP says? It takes the result of relative calm, finally, one thinks of the EU anyway, not much. “For the SVP, not much will change, because the EU-critics are not automatically opponents of the EU. We want to accession, no EU”, says the Zurich SVP national councillor Alfred Heer (57). And he adds: “We do anyway, what we want.”