EU countries urge the European Commission to relax the rules of mergers

the Four countries of the European Union was urged to relax the rules of mergers in the region that European companies can better compete with Chinese and American firms, according to CNBC.

“the Nature of global competition has changed. European companies are now forced to compete with foreign companies, which sometimes benefit from substantial state support or protected domestic markets, in some cases to a very high extent”, — stated in the letter of Ministers of Economics of France, Germany, Italy and Poland to the European Commissioner for competition, Margrethe Vestager from Tuesday.

“we Therefore call on the [European] Commission to propose a revised version of the guidelines for merger control,” wrote the Ministers.

They stated that “the Commission should also ensure greater clarity in relation to the effectiveness provided by the merger, and in respect of the assessment of the competitiveness of the industry in the consideration of mergers: specific guidelines developed in the coming weeks, could develop a range of effectiveness considered in the competitive analysis.”

last month, the head of the shipping company Maersk weed of skou warned that the strict enforcement of competition rules hinders development in the European Union, world leaders, able to compete with Chinese and American companies.

“if it is a good idea that we do not allow to create a European global leader? In this case we risk to give the Chinese company on which the European Union has no influence,” — said of skou in an interview with the Danish newspaper Finans.