Who looks out of Bern, currently, to Brussels, to ask ourselves: EU, as you have with democracy? Instead of choosing Manfred Weber (46), representatives of the EPP, the largest group in the EU Parliament, the most powerful EU officials, in-keeping with the heads of government of EU States on Tuesday evening, suddenly, Ursula von der Leyen (60) out of the hat. The German defence Minister to be EU Commission President.

That had been promised to the 50 percent of the 430 million EU citizens entitled to vote, which went in may to the urn otherwise. For the second Time, namely, the party went on blocks with the top candidates – this should then move into the race for the Commission presidency.

This had two reasons. First, it wanted to integrate the citizens in the EU policy. Secondly, the Parliament wanted more say. Because until then it could rubber-stamp the decision of the heads of government only.

Juncker, everything went smoothly

five years Ago, the well worked out: Juncker top candidate of the EPP was, this was the strongest party – consequently he was elected. Quite different this year: After the election day, the heads of a shameful was the state of the backroom-Deal process – from the now von der Leyen, victorious shows.

the loser is the European democracy. For the sake of over 500 million EU citizens has to do the Leyens appointment nothing more. So, too, national councillor Roland Rino Büchel (53), sits for Switzerland in the Council of Europe sees this. “This is a Bschiss to the electorate – why should you even go to the ballot box?”, he scolds. So the EU is not creating slowly – what’s wrong with the SVPler but really sad.

Manfred Weber as a “Problem,”

“of Course it is frustrating to have this ill-fated business watch,” says the Basel SP-national councillor Eric Nussbaumer (58). For the politician, the reason has a name: Manfred Weber. A majority had not been in wars, for him, apparently.

In fact, had shown soundings in the EU Parliament, that Weber would not be elected. But nevertheless, you Must keep in the EU is not the democratic rules of the game? Nussbaumer differentiated: the top candidate of the largest group will automatically be President of the Commission, is not required by law.

the Parliament will Go to the barricades?

“As Swiss, we should not be too gleefully,” adds Nussbaumer. In this country, it was a common practice that it is not the ported candidate was elected to the Federal Council, but the number of 2″, or sometimes, even someone not on the Ticket”.

in contrast, Büchel sees it: “If the Parliament has even a spark of self-respect, it does not beckon the end of the world just through, but on the barricades to rise.”