It’s a grim picture, the Switzerland, painting the inside and the Swiss of the future – at least, if you look beyond the country’s borders is. Nearly three-quarters of the development of the world political situation, see pessimistic – significantly more than a year ago.

this was the result of the latest edition of the annual security study by the military Academy and the Center for Security Studies at ETH Zurich. It is based on a representative survey of over 1200 Voters.

power policy concern

above all, the power politics of the big powers-the USA, China and Russia is preparing the Swiss. Over 60 percent state that the policy is one of the three countries as a reason for concern. The fear of the Swiss also focuses on a Person: U.S. President Donald Trump. He is called, according to the study authors, remarkably often as a reason for the pessimistic assessment of the world situation.

Trump is also likely to be responsible for ensuring that the role of the United States as a world power for a significant part of the respondents not comfortable idea more. A fifth of respondents consider a leadership position of the US as not at all desirable. The show, “that the international system starts to falter at all,” the ETH-authors.

The second most common Swiss see because of the political instability in black, the third most commonly due to the rise of right-wing populist and nationalist parties. Only a tenth of the Swiss climate warming and natural disasters are serious Concerns. Even fewer see terrorism there is currently a danger.

trust in authorities, at a record high

Quite different than the foreign policy assessment the assessment of the Situation in their own country. Here, the Swiss are Swiss and of good courage: 86 percent assess the future of the country optimistic. The main reasons are the good economic situation and the political System. Switzerland will also feel Swiss in their own country is very safe.

This is due to the fact that the civil authorities and institutions have a great deal of trust. In comparison to last year, the total is increased to trust again, and with 6.8 points, with 1 being no trust and 10 full trust means – a historic peak. Confidence is particularly high in the police, followed by courts and the Federal Council. In comparison to the previous year, the level of trust in Parliament and political parties has increased.

Nearly 400 pages the study “security in 2019”. A further exciting findings:

Undisputed army: , The army abolished? This is for four out of five respondents in question. For 43 percent of the military is a Central part of society. The Support for a professional instead of a militia army has fallen to 36 percent. the criticism of the communication: the public Relations of The army comes off particularly well. Openness and transparency of military communication, the survey participants to rate only with a 5.5 out of 10 possible points, which is a little less than a year earlier. the EU-skepticism: Politically, Switzerland is not want to stay inside and Swiss at a distance to the EU, but economically. 82 percent of respondents say that Switzerland is to strengthen the economic cooperation with the EU. A political approach in favour of 35 per cent. For a maximum approach – an EU candidate – is almost one seventh of the Swiss. the fundamental pillar of neutrality: The constitutional neutrality of Switzerland still has a very large support in the population. 96 per cent of Swiss are for you to maintain. What relates to the differentiated neutrality, i.e. neutrality in military conflict, but a clear statement in policy, is divided Switzerland. 49 percent for this in-between – as little as never before in 20 years. A good third of the respondents think that neutrality is an obstacle for economic cooperation with other States. the More resources for development aid: 65 percent of people in Switzerland found that the Swiss should give more development aid. This is six percentage points more than last year.