Chris Anderson is an old Fox in the technology scene. The former editor-in-chief of the magazine “Wired” and founder
a US drone company has referred to Switzerland a few years ago as the Silicon Valley of robotics. Our country has, in fact, with the Zurich and Lausanne as the centres of a globally-recognized robotics research, have emerged in the last few years dozens of Start-up companies. This development is also due to liberal legislation and good cooperation with the authorities. The latest technology-Outlook of the Swiss Academy of Technical Sciences, sees a great potential in the development of a Swiss drone industry. This, I would like to highlight three examples from the ETH.

The high-tech drones

The young company Auterion goes back to a master thesis at the ETH, developed in Open-Source Software for the Navigation of the drones. The PX4 Software has become a kind of Android for drones, so a system, on the various applications possible. Large companies, such as Amazon Prime Air or Yuneec – the world’s second-largest drone manufacturer, as well as smaller companies rely on Auterion. While Auterion produces no drone, is the production of high-quality core drone business, the young company Wingtra, which was launched in 2012 as a student project and 2016 for the company was. Wingtra sells its drones for mapping of large tracts of land or the Surveying of mines. The drone that launches vertically and flying horizontally, can measure up to 240 football fields and three-dimensional maps.

the flight to the conquered, sure also the failure of the rotors

Finally, a few words of Verity Studios, the Zurich-Oerlikon from the entertainment world with his drones. Whether in the Circus Knie, on a tour of the canadian rapper Drake, or in the new year, show the Chinese television: In all cases, the drones swarms of Verity Studios are part of the spectacle. The company has also developed an algorithm that makes the aircraft itself in case of failure of the two rotors still maneuverable. Safety aspects with the spread of drones in everyday life becoming more and more important. Auterion, Wingtra and Verity Studios: Alone, these three companies have created in a short period of time against 200 highly-skilled jobs in Zurich – and are desperately in search of further reinforcements.

A Swiss-merit

‘ll be able to track drones in the near future missing persons in rough terrain, the inspection of large industrial plants or the Monitoring of agricultural fields will enable. And much, much more. Switzerland has helped with your research already, that could develop robotics and drone technology in the last few years, in such a way. The chances are good that we can now also benefit from the industrial implementation of the progress and not – as in the past, already been done – the foundations for innovation to be delivered and the business left to others.

your Joël Mesot