For about 20 primary teachers and primary teachers from the whole of Switzerland it’s called on 8. May: “Mission Mars”. You will be able to run the program a small robot,
in order for this maneuver to the “Mars”. Course participants are divided into control centres on three sites, the “Mars”landscape in Lausanne. It is the final point of training is learning, in the teachers dealing with the little robot Thymio to him in school.

“Mission to Mars” is the first course that is specifically aimed at teachers and jointly from the EPFL, the ETH Zurich and the Ticino’s University of applied Sciences, SUPSI is carried out. Information Know-how is now offered by many organizations and educational institutions for all levels of education,
. This begins with teaching materials for the Kindergarten, the Smallest in a playful way to introduce them to the algorithmic Thinking.

65 percent of primary students are not to land in a job, there are still

computer science for primary and secondary education, which is the domain of the ETH-based training and consulting center for Informatics lessons, in the short ABZ. Of Demo lessons on the provision of services to teaching materials for the program – the competence centre has done in the last 15 years of pioneering work, and science lessons in the elementary school paved the way.

That computer science can teach important skills, probably no one seriously denies that. We want to empower our next Generation to consume the digital future only passive but also active. And this future will change the world of work. Traditional job Profiles will change, and certain occupations disappear, new ones arise. According to a study by the World Economic Forum, 65 percent of the children who come today in the primary school,
will not land in a job, the there are currently.

Starting in 2022, the teaching of computer science in the Gymi mandatory

With the curriculum 21 the Swiss-German cantons on the change and the subject of “media and Informatics” was introduced. At upper secondary level the teaching of computer science is at the latest 2022 mandatory. This is intended to convey the basics of programming languages, the technical background of computer networks, as well as the security of the digital communications
address. Just because technological change is so rapid and digital products become obsolete quickly, it is important to develop a common understanding of computer science. Because it is not a question of, to use the latest Version of Word, but to understand the underlying concepts and can apply. Computer science is a school of thought.

The above-mentioned offerings follow this approach. Our society is faced with the challenge of teachers who have become still in an analog world, to assist in the Transition into the digital age. Thymio & co. are ready for your use on the “Mars”. They are to be found in the future in Swiss classrooms.

your Joël Mesot