2019 promises to be rich in anniversaries. And for all it has something Suitable. 500 years ago it left, since Huldrych Zwingli ascended the pulpit in Zurich’s grossmünster Church; for just as long, since Magellan for circumnavigation of the World. 90 years ago the first story of “Tim and Struppi”, and 50 years ago, the first man set foot on the moon. The list could be lengthened at will, to the paper nastuch, already since 90 years selflessly in the service of the Verschnupften. But I’m going to write neither about the Wanderlust of the brave Portuguese, reading is still one of my Favorite as a child to Express, but I would like to be a man, the reference that came 200 years ago to the world, and whose Statue, year after year, watching with a stoic look in the Bahnhofstrasse in Zurich: Alfred Escher!

Escher founded what is modern Switzerland needed

What he has not moved anything, this Escher. He was an entrepreneur, business, captain, and politician. As probably the most powerful contemporary of the young state, he has contributed significantly to the Gotthard tunnel is built, the Kreditanstalt (now Credit Suisse), the rentenanstalt (now Swiss Life), and the Federal Polytechnic – present ETH Zurich – founded. Escher’s genius brought to a short denominator: A modern Switzerland needed means of communication (Railways, bridges, Tunnels), this had to be planned by engineers and technicians, and built (ETH), and for the Whole of it is in need of money (Bank and insurance). Like behind every historical figure, many of the self-sacrificing helper stood behind Escher helpers. And he had the good fortune to be at the right time at the right place. I want to build him in my first column, so no other monument, but his vision and actions have created lasting values, which in today’s Switzerland. And worthy of respect. Chapeau, Mr. Escher!

Escher can still be an Inspiration

What did we say Escher today? I mean: a lot. We can cut a thick slice from his entrepreneurial courage, his perseverance, and the ability to hold on the items, will always be to the overall picture. Such virtues are needed if Switzerland wants to continue to remain successful. Especially for the young, the want to help shape the future of this country, can Escher to be an Inspiration. The ETH, therefore, has a Alfred-Escher-the price advertised for young people, with their courage and vision has the potential to be the “Escher of tomorrow”. 19. February, on the eve of Escher’s birthday, announced the six award winners. I am very curious on your ideas and projects. To address the namesake of the price, I say at this point: Happy Birthday, Alfred Escher!

your Joël Mesot