a chocolate treat up to the 19th century. Century, that is to say, to heat a cocoa mass with a bitter taste and consume the liquid. Then developed by Daniel Peter in 1875 in Vevey, VD is the milk chocolate, by mixing the cocoa with condensed milk. A little later Berne, Rodolphe Lindt had his machine, the chocolate mass on the weekend of stirring and invented the Conching, the chocolate is smooth melting.

innovations like this have made Swiss chocolate for the epitome of quality and enjoyment. A chocolate-rich time is upon us with Easter. Mountains of chocolate bunnies should be eaten in the coming days. The rest of the days in the year, we nibble Swiss industrious, Sweet, and with a Per capita consumption of 10.3 kg of chocolate European top. And I have to admit, in terms of chocolate consumption, I am a Swiss Pattern.

ETH-expertise in chocolate

I’m not telling this story to reveal to you my weakness for Sweets, but because I would like to report on some of the contributions of the ETH, which have to do with the cocoa product. So was formed early on chocolate was not stored properly, often a white-grayish layer, of fat Mature. This made the ETH Researchers-on the basis of x – ray diffraction experiments for polymorphs of cocoa butter crystallization at the Paul Scherrer Institute-the beginning of the 2000s, the end. Or that the red and black chocolate balls with a Swiss manufacturer to melt on the tongue so tender is also ETH-thanks to know-how. Today is(s)t man line-conscious than in the past, and so the industry is looking for solutions to produce chocolate that tastes good, but at the same time is lower in calories.

In the ETH laboratories working on this chocolate technical quadrature of the circle. The Trick to apply, consists of water droplets or gas bubbles in the chocolate. This one has less energy density per volume of An equal size bar of chocolate has, consequently, less calories. Finally, there are always improvements in the manufacture of chocolate. The effect is not always directly on their quality, optimised but the way this is produced. Such improvements in the competitive position of the Swiss chocolate industry on the world market. This idea was at the beginning of the working group, chocolate technology, the ETH-food engineering Erich Windhab with industrial companies and SMEs 25 years ago.

The export business of chocolate

From this working group have gone 17 patents, 28 research projects and international awards such as the European Food Tec Award. Swiss chocolate is not only a Premium, but also a high-tech product, which brought in 2018 in the export business of almost one billion francs in turnover. By the way, if you are looking for any mention of the word chocolate in the Text 20 times! – a squat, you have (almost burned) so much the calories that you deserve a Board of your favorite chocolate. I correct: 21 times.

your Joël Mesot