The Estonian government has imposed a ban on flights to countries with a high risk of coronavirus include in this list and Russia.

As reports TASS with reference to the Minister of the economy and infrastructure of the Republic of Taavi AAS, a ban on flights from the Baltic Republic in Russia, Belgium, UK, Denmark, Turkey and Sweden.

It is noted that the restrictions will be in effect until June 7. After this date, they can renew or cancel.

The Ministry said that such measures could be applied to all airlines departing from Tallinn to countries where the incidence of coronavirus exceed 25 persons per 100 thousand inhabitants.

Wrote in Estonia signed an agreement on the first phase of construction of the border in the South-East of the country with Russia. It is noted that in this area most often cross the border and “are smuggling case.” The first phase of construction of the border includes a stretch 23.5 kilometers. The total length of land boundaries is 135 kilometers. On the site erected a wall height of 2.5 meters and a length of about 90 kilometers.