Estonia accused Russia of falsifying history

the Foreign Ministry of Estonia has accused Russia of falsifying history. A hundred years have passed since the conclusion of the Tartu peace Treaty with the Soviet Republic, and head of the Estonian foreign Ministry Urmas Reinsalu, laying a wreath at the monument Kalevipoeg, stated that the Tartu peace Treaty is valid and there is no legal continuity.

After the ceremony, the Estonian foreign Ministry announced that Russia denies the annexation of Estonia thus justifying the policy of violence of totalitarian regimes. Estonia condemns it, reports “Interfax”.

Russia also believes that the Tartu peace Treaty is history. It may not be valid, since Estonia became part of the Soviet Union, lost the status of subject of international law. This was announced by the representative of the Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova. And added that the Tartu Treaty of 1920 is not in the registry of the existing treaties of the UN. And today Estonia, which was formed after disintegration of the USSR should be considered a new state.