Tourists should take into account all the possible risks of infection of the coronavirus while traveling and carefully consider the interaction with any objects, including suitcases. This was stated by the respondents Daily Express experts.

Travel expert miles kui (Myles Quee) has warned that hard, nonporous materials from which, as a rule, made travel bags — metal, plastic, glass, are extremely favorable habitat for infection: bacteria can support there livelihoods within 72 hours.

“Passengers are advised not to touch the surfaces on which may be an active virus, ( … ), and to use the Luggage delivery service to including to reduce the risk of disease transmission from person to person waiting at the Luggage belt,” explained Cui, advising travellers to carry out a thorough disinfection of suitcases.

In turn Professor of medicine and infectious diseases in the U.S. the Mayo clinic’s Greg Poland (Greg Poland) said that in the first place passengers should take care of the antiseptic treatment of the hands, rather than bags.

“To potential sources of contamination can include surface, has interacted with the carrier of the infection and touch your mouth, nose or eyes,” explained Poland. According to him, travelers should wash their hands regularly with soap for at least 20 seconds or use disinfectants on an alcohol basis.

August 6 passengers gave tips on the case of a fight on Board the aircraft during a pandemic coronavirus. So, first and foremost, travelers are advised to responsibly approach the choice of the opponent and other possible participants of the conflict — given that later it can be quarantined.