Estate Donald trump tried to RAM an Opera singer

the Intruder who had entered a car in a closed area at the estate of U.S. President Donald trump’s Mar-a-Lago in Florida, was arrested. She was an Opera singer Hannah Roemhild living in Connecticut.

As expected, the woman will be facing charges not related to terrorism. According to reports, she attracted the attention of authorities by dancing on the roof of his car and behaving inappropriately. Law enforcement officers tried to talk to her, but the singer was locked up in her car and tried to leave. Hiding from pursuers, she ran at top speed through two checkpoints at the residence of the President of the United States, turned around and went to a roadside hotel, where he was detained, reports TASS.

during the pursuit, police officers and employees of the U.S. Secret service shot at car, in which, in addition to Hannah Roemhild, was another woman. As suggested by the law enforcers, the intruder might not know that is close to the estates of Donald trump.