He is overweight, eats Chips and Energy Drinks, and sitting all day in the Dark. The widespread image of a Pro-Gamers. It’s quite different, proves male Stefan Beer (20). The Zurich-based FIFA-Pro since the beginning of the year, when Bundesliga club Borussia Mönchengladbach.

Currently, the business Student three to four hours per day with the football Simulation “FIFA19 spends”. “The beginning of the season it is also time for up to ten hours”, says “topik”, Beers-Gamer-Name. To squat just in front of the screen, is not an issue: “After a maximum of two hours, I’ll put in a break. I’m going to, for example, then a little walk.”

a Lot of sleep and a healthy diet

Physical exercise is for Beer is essential, he wants to retrieve at the console of his performance. He’s playing regular football and driving force training. “For me, this is an important balance,” says the professional Gamer. Also, a balanced diet and enough sleep are necessary for success.

Monday and Tuesday are for Beer, each in the character of the studies, the remaining days of the week he trains and plays tournaments. “I usually am, then around 10 am, check-in, social media, and then start my Training,” says Beer.

Virtual Bundesliga in TV

The past season of the virtual Bundesliga, finished the Beers of jQuery on the strong 3. Place (of 22 Teams). He graduated for the four-member Team nine games (4 wins, 4 draws, 1 defeat). The League match against Hertha BSC was transmitted live from a TV Studio in Munich to Free TV. “My game of the persecuted around 100’000 viewers on television,” says Beer. “A very special experience.”

His contract at Gladbach runs until the end of the summer. How his future will look like, is open. “I’m certainly not going to put everything on the card for FIFA,” says Beer. “With my studies I have a good Plan B.”

This weekend, Beer will be spending but certainly in the Gladbach Jersey in front of the console. In Basel, the final of the Swiss championship in the program. The forces of the 14 best Swiss FIFA fairs-Gamer is one Beer to favorites.

The end of April, would study “eSports Switzerland, 2019”, the Zurich University of Applied Sciences shows amazing results. 26.7 percent of the respondents acknowledge eSports as a Sport. Yourself 33.9 per cent of the Swiss population playing at least once a week video games. The most popular platform is the Smartphone (46.5 percent) in front of the PC and the Laptop (43.9 percent).

The organization, which is most commonly associated with the term eSports, with 23 percent of FC Basel with a big margin on the Swisscom (13 percent). Among the most popular Games, FIFA, Minecraft, Call of Duty, and Fortnite. (law)