According to the study by the Zurich University of Applied Sciences (ZHAW) win eSports in Switzerland more and more popularity. Already 27.6 percent seen in the Online Competition, a new sport, as it is called in a message from Monday. It exists in Switzerland, already active in the eSports scene.

As the survey shows, 30.6% of the Swiss population, what is eSports and associate the theme with the concept of Competition or competition. “Exciting,” “interesting” and “attractive” are terms that eSports of the respondents in connection is brought.

About a third of the Swiss population referred to themselves as “gamers” or “male”, plays around 11 hours per week and an average of 1270 francs for Equipement.

The interest is likely to be in the coming years, no less, say it in the message. Those who are now in the eSports active, are likely to remain and the next Generation grow up already with the subject, write the authors of the study. The most popular channel of information for the topic of eSports is from Youtube.

For the study, “eSports Switzerland to 2019” were 1011 people in all three language surveyed regions. It was conducted by the ZHAW in cooperation with UPC in Switzerland, the Basler Versicherungen and the TCS.

The question of whether eSports is a Sport, it does not move at the Moment, only the game scene but also the policy. The Federal office for sports (Baspo) has written a report recently in which it determines that it is in eSports to be a sport in the traditional sense.

ESports is not a conventional sports comparable, because there is no primary experience is in direct contact with fellow human beings and the environment. In addition, the often violent E-Sport Games would not meet the requirements of the protection of children and youth, writes the Fospo.