If you leave your car at night, you have to observe an important law that many drivers are probably not even aware of. Here we explain what is particularly important from autumn onwards.

Germany has to save electricity: The energy crisis not only forces neon signs to be switched off at night, for example, or shop windows to remain dark, in many cases drivers are also having to adapt.

As “t-online.de” reports, there is a law in Germany that requires drivers to turn on their parking lights at night on poorly lit or not lit streets. Since the light will probably go out in many places from autumn, this regulation is now all the more important for vehicle owners.

The reason for this is simple: Conversely, more darkness also means an increased risk of accidents. By switching on the parking lights, those who are parked should ensure that they can be seen better by other drivers at night.

If you don’t switch on the light, you risk being partly to blame in the event of an accident. In this case, a share of the damage incurred must be covered, even though you weren’t even sitting in the car.

It’s not enough to rely on parking under a glowing lantern in the evening. Many of the lanterns are switched off at a certain time at night. They can be recognized by a red ring with a white band.

Outside of built-up areas, it is not the parking lights that have to be switched on in such cases, but the parking lights. Both have a relatively low luminosity, but can be easily recognized by approaching drivers in the dark.

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