announced As the police, jogged the 15-Year-old on the connection between the postal service and the Federal highway B249 close to the Werra valley lake, as he was the couple’s attention. The two were with a small child on the way and resulted in five larger, not angeleinte dogs.

As the youth suddenly stopped, he was surrounded by his own admission, of the free-running animals and of a multi-also jumped. This dog, which is supposed to have a German shepherd dog acted, I bit him in the upper arm.

Instead of the 15-Year-old to help after the attack, to have the two dog owners but do not care for him. Rather, he was to blame for the attack, “because he did not behave accordingly,” they would have said. After that, the two had just gone on.

The young person who was ran after the attack to go home, had to be treated on the same afternoon due to the heavily bleeding wound in a hospital. After that, he showed the volatile animal holder, whereupon the police began investigations against the two.

Who can give hints? the couple is so far only known that they took a total of five dogs, three German shepherd dogs. In the case of the other two dogs, the breed is not known, one should, however, be a larger dog with white fur have been.

The police in Eschwege is the number (05651) 9250 accessible.

*The contribution of “Eschwege: German shepherd dogs go into the woods on child – animal holder is fleeting” published by Wizelife. Contact with the executives here.