The price expectations for the coming year have increased compared to the previous year. Despite unfavorable economic Outlook for the Swiss Real Estate Sentiment Index KPMG achieved an all-time high.

The annual Index compiled by the consulting company serves as an indicator for future developments in the real estate investment market. The Index had now reached the highest value since the survey began in 2012, informed KPMG on Tuesday. The more negative economic forecasts, real estate investments appear all the more appealing.

In cities, the prices rise the most

Due to the significant increase in price expectations of more than 300 respondents, real estate investors and evaluators of the Index of 0.8 points in the previous year, it jumped to 31 points.

a Particularly strong real estate prices are also likely to increase according to the survey, in Central locations, i.e. in towns and cities. With a decline is expected in the peripheral locations, with the corresponding index value of nearly -70 points in the last year -31 counter this year, has improved.

office space for less

affected In the course of the survey, KPMG in Switzerland has defined eight key business centres. The largest price increase in the respondents expect the index score of 84.8 points for the Region of Zurich. But also in Geneva, Basel, Lausanne, Bern and Lucerne/Zug, the prices are likely to attract. In contrast, the survey for the cities of St. Gallen (-45.7 eloolrqv points) and Lugano (: € -41.6 million) resulted in negative values.

Broken down by segment, it is expected especially in the case of residential properties with higher prices, while in office, a stable development areas is expected to KPMG. Still in the Minus, the measurements for a commercial move, meanwhile, surfaces and, in particular, for sales areas. (gnc/SDA)