In the Video, from Friday, turned to Israel-visitors on the occasion of the ESC, was also a shooting in East Jerusalem-located Al-Aqsa mosque…. The Palestinian authority, the Israeli television, called on Saturday, the references to Jerusalem from Israeli ESC-ad-crop videos.

Israel is abusing the music competition, to normalize its “colonial occupation” of Palestinian territories “to”, declared the Ministry of foreign Affairs of the Palestinian authority in the online service Facebook. The “propaganda material” was not acceptable. The Ministry lodged a Protest with the European broadcasting Union.

Israel had occupied the Eastern part of Jerusalem, including the historic old city in the Six day war in 1967, and in 1980, annexed. The UN does not recognize the annexation.

The ESC will be held this year to 64. Time instead. He starts on Tuesday and ends on Saturday. After the victory of the Israeli Netta Barzilai in the past year, in Portugal in Tel Aviv is at this time the host of the Music contest. For Switzerland Luca Hänni with the dance number “She Got Me this year”.