Saturday, 18. May 2019: Now it is really Serious! The big Eurovision final. 200 million viewers will watch my appearance in the evening. A Hell Of A Number! I didn’t sleep last night too much. I can hardly believe it, I’ve made it this far. So by ten I gezmörgelt, then I retreated back to my hotel room. I sat on my balcony and enjoyed the magnificent view of the sea. I also made a couple of Posts for my Fans at home. The time in this beautiful city tends, unfortunately, to the end. I’m going to miss Tel Aviv, no matter how this adventure here will turn out. At noon I said goodbye to my friend Michèle. You will follow my Performance live in the hall. Afterwards, we drove to the Arena, where in the evening the huge Eurovision Party. I will have to press after my appearance again. Hardly in the Arena arrived, we had to equal to our last rehearsal, where I moved with one or the other artists a couple of words. To eat there for what felt like the fifth Time in a row the same: Since there are only two Food Trucks stand, you have to decide between Falafel with French fries, Hummus with French fries or rice and Chicken. The latter is the race that made today. Everything tastes good to me and seems to bring obviously also luck. My nervousness before the performance, which outweighs the anticipation – it makes me really a lot of Fun here! Tonight is not just any gig, this is probably the Moment of my life.