the Where is the this year’s ESC?

After last year’s victory of the Israeli Netta Barzilai with her Song “Toy” of this year’s Eurovision Song Contest at the fair in Tel Aviv.

when is the ESC?

The 64. ESC goes from 14. to 18. May 2019. 14. May finds the first semi-final, at 16. May, the second semi-final with Swiss participation and on 18. May the Grand Finale (hopefully with Swiss participation).

What?Eurovision Song Contest 2019Wo?Messe Tel AvivWann?14. to 18. May 2019WerWird on 7. March 2019 announced Who will compete for Switzerland?

The Swiss representative for the Eurovision Song Contest is on 7. March to be announced. According to rumors it’s supposed to be the American idol 2012 winner, Luca Hänni (24),. He has been brought up several times with the ESC and with the composer of last year’s Swiss contribution Zibbz, Laurell Barker, spotted in the Studio.

when did Switzerland last success at the ESC?

in 2017, Switzerland has managed with time, Belle and the Song “Apollo” because of puny five points into the final of the ESC in Kiev. These jump Sebalter (33) made in the year 2014, he could with “Hunter of Stars” in the finals in Copenhagen the 13 Place of ersingen. The most successful contribution of the last 20 years came from the Estonian girl group Vanilla Ninja, they caught up with “Cool Vibes” the eighth rank. 25 years ago, we made it to the podium: Annie Cotton (43), and “Moi, tout simplement” we reached the third place.

when has Switzerland won the ESC?

The last of the Swiss ESC-victory was in 1988: Céline Dion (50) won by Nella Martinetti (1946-2011) and Atilla Sereftug (67) created the song “Ne partez pas sans moi” the ESC in the Irish capital, Dublin. Previously, only Lys Assia (1924-2018) could win the Eurovision Song Contest: they acknowledged in the first edition in 1956, in Lugano, TI, with “Refrain”.

Where can I watch the ESC?

The first semi-final from 14. May 2019 may live under the and later are followed on SRF zwei (after the hockey preliminary game Switzerland-Austria at the world championship in Bratislava). The second semi-final with Swiss participation transfers SRF zwei on the 16. May 2019 from 21 clock.

The Final show is on may 18. May 2019 21 PM on SRF 1. Who doesn’t like the comment of Sven Epiney (47), can also switch to the second channel of SRF or the broadcast by the Austrian radio, or on the ARD track.

Who are the favorites?

Since not all the contributions are known (Stand: 4. March 2019), is an assessment difficult. Although the Song is not yet known, it is traded in the Russian, Sergey Lazarev (35). He took part as early as 2016, at the ESC in Stockholm and managed, in spite of the favourites Position to the third position behind Ukraine and Australia. Also Italy can hope for a good placement: singer Mahmood (26) won with “Soldi”, the legendary San Remo Festival, and now makes his home in Tel Aviv.

How many countries make at the Eurovision Song Contest?

a Total of 41 countries will compete at this year’s ESC. 17 countries are in the first semi-final and fight for ten places in the Final. 18 countries are in the second semi-final and fight for the same number of places in the Final. Six places in the Final are already set by the most number of participants (Italy, Germany, Spain, the United Kingdom and France) and the previous year’s winners of Israel.

Who is the presenter of the ESC?

Four presenters will lead in Tel Aviv due to the Show. This is the especially in Portugal, well-known presenter inside Lucy Ayoub (26), Assi Azar (39) and Erez Tal (57) and the internationally renowned Model Bar Refaeli (33).

Why is Israel at the ESC?

Israel has been participating since 1973 at the Eurovision Song Contest and is part of the European broadcasting Union, entitled Israel in the ESC. Even Morocco was in 1980, at the ESC, countries such as Armenia, Georgia and Azerbaijan today to take part on a regular basis. Israel was able to win since 1973, the Contest four times, including in 1998 with Dana international’s Song “Diva”.

And what makes Australia on the ESC?

Australia is a member of the European broadcasting Union, through its history as a British colony, the country has a close connection to Europe. In 2014, the Australian acted as Pausenact, 2015, you were invited as a guest for the anniversary, and since 2016, with a fixed starting place. Many Australians get up at five o’clock in the morning, to keep track of the Eurovision Song Contest live on the screen.

Why is the ESC in the LGBT Community are particularly popular?

there is no definitive answer. Many homosexuals are not generally interested in the show business, like culture. And through the connection with a Nations battle it’s like the Olympics of entertainment from the ESC. What is, for many people, the football world Cup is, for many homosexuals in the Eurovision Song Contest.