the oscillator attack on Saturday, When in the train on the pants, will take place at the same time a very different spectacle. Just a stone’s throw from the gigantic Arena of the most powerful guys are fighting in the sand bunker at the Herti-tartan track to the long-throw crown. In addition to the famous Unspunnen stone with his 83.5 per kilogram of the muscle men compete also in the category of 20 and 40 pounds.

For resentment in the field of participants registration of Andreas Deuschle, who joined three years ago in Estavayer, the Swiss with his victory in front of its head again this year. “Some of the Swiss athletes will not find it so great that I’m here and many are wondering what a German in Switzerland,” says Deuschle opposite VIEW.

in 2016, joined the 51-year-old Schwabe, the stone on the ESAF to 4.69 meters and shoved the best Swiss with a 30-centimeter distance from the Base. Dirty looks and insults behind their hands, were the result. “Frontal face do not say it, but since there are already a couple of Jive-ass Swiss, who stir things up,” says Deuschle.

world champion in the Highland Games

no one dared to That in the case of the confederates to discredit the unpopular foreigners directly, perhaps it has to do with its imposing stature. His 150 pounds of body weight is distributed to 1.93 meters Deuschle thanks to its own statements, the Swabian sausage salad, Schnitzel with French fries and a beer.

The insurance specialist from Nürtigen, near Stuttgart, in Germany, but not only because of his Posture known. It also ensures, as the CDU in the city Council and Highland Games-Champion headlines. In the case of the Scottish betting he can fight on an international level as a former German Junior champion in the shot poking a big advantage.

Training with ball putters Werner Günthör (58)

Deuschle has Benefited at the beginning of his slightly ahtletik career impact of the joint training sessions with Werner Günthör, the Swiss Ball-world Champions of 1987, 1991 and 1993. “Werner has eventually ended his career, I still made a little bit more. A lot of questions but why I’m in my old age.”

encouragement for his participation in the ESAF finds Deuschle in the Canton of Solothurn, Erlinsbach, where he gained thanks to his Manager, Nathan Blattner as a member of the gymnastics club permission to start. “I have many friends and relatives in Switzerland, who will be happy that I’m in.”

the pressure of The athletes on the OK

The joy is marred when Deuschle, however, because he has in the short term, know that his title defense will be denied this year. In June, the OK decided from the Stone, that only a Swiss citizen are eligible for a title and record. “I think it’s discriminatory,” says Deuschle and suspects that it has yielded to pressure from the athletes.

Beat Keiser, from the Department of Stone can’t escape this view, but says that Deuschle in the train was still very welcome. You have tried to make a fair solution for the foreigners. “Andreas comes on the leaderboard, and he also has the right price. But if he wins again, he is not allowed to call themselves just the winner.”

In contrast to the stone stössern the Transducers there is no rule that States that only a Swiss citizen is allowed to carry the title of the best Transducer. Means: Both the 8 foreign-wavers from the US and Canada, as well as the Aargau Portuguese Tiago Vieira is expected to swing, king crown, you should leave the competition behind.

23. to 25. August dominate giants, sawdust, and put on their drill trousers, Switzerland – the Swiss Federal wrestling and Alpine festival to festival 2019 in train. Here you will find everything you need to know about the Mega-Event.

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