He was so close to it: three years Ago, Armon Orlik (24) in Estavayer, in the Final round. Against the experienced Matthias Glarus, the Grisons had the Chance, early in the career of the king’s crown. But in the end, it was the Canton of the Grisons, had to let the sawdust from the back of a knock – off of the swing king was called Glarus.

Now, Orlik takes a new start-up. No, he has lost this season, he ranks as one of the favourites for the train. And he gets on Saturday morning the Chance at revenge: In the Oscillation, it comes back to duel Orlik against Glarus. With a clear sign: this Time, Orlik favorite. As it is not in any way exceptional transducer.

His roots lie far from the sawdust Switzerland in the deep East of Europe. Orlik’s Grandfather emigrated as an 18-year-old boy from Czechoslovakia into the Grisons country. He bequeathed to his descendants a strong fighting spirit.

“Evil” family with a good wire to the top of the

Armons the second-eldest brother, Flavio brings it in Judo up to the Swiss champion title, and also Armon himself in his Childhood as a talented Judoka. He celebrates in the Japanese fight sports several graubünden youth-League title, before starting on the 15. Age as two years older brother, Curdin concentrated fully on the Swing. Maybe the eagle’s are sporty and also so successful because no other such “evil” the family has a similar to the good wire to the top. Armons Papa Paul protects in the 80s with his twin brother Peter in the Swiss guard in Rome, Pope John Paul II.

Glarus impressed by eagle’s professionalism

As a Swiss guardsman is Armons eldest brother Lucas in use. In the Aargau-born, mother Helena is used in the brother Klaus to the centre of Maienfeld as Mesmerin. At the last Federal in Estavayer can rely on Armon until the conclusion of the course on the divine assistance, but then he will be buried shortly in front of the throne in the sawdust. Since this historic duel between the king and his victim several times in the Schwinger-WK in Magglingen on the way.

Glarus is deeply impressed by the encounters with his victims: “I have long believed that it is possible to prepare a transducer is much more professional on a Federal, as I have done in front of Estavayer. Now I know that Armon operates this Sport more professional.”

The 1.90 m long, 110 Kilo heavy construction, and engineering student seems to be in addition to the optimum strength and endurance training to encourage the diet of the largest value. Various WK-comrades report that Orlik engages with a Mixer in the military, so that he can create in the room fruit Smoothies. And thus, the stomach is overwhelmed, he will at Breakfast, only a Cornflake on the spoon.

But what the five-time season winner has swallowed since his brief appearance on the Schwägalp everything? Reminder: After winning the starting gear on the Schwägalp against the intra-Swiss Mike waste stone Orlik cancels the match due to back complaints. He must take the Federal test of strength full of drugs pumped into attack? An Insider from the family says “The Blockade in his back could be massaged out.”

Armon Orlik will compete on Saturday in the Oscillation, so in top shape for the big rematch against the defending champion Glarus. And for the love of God, this time on Armons page is likely the eagle Clan, in the meantime, some of the prayers are spoken. Amen!

23. to 25. August dominate giants, sawdust, and put on their drill trousers, Switzerland – the Swiss Federal wrestling and Alpine festival to festival 2019 in train. Here you will find everything you need to know about the Mega-Event.

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11.00 am / opening of the Festgeländes13.00 / flag reception in Zug14.00 / Start parade

7.30 / invasion of the Schwinger7.45 / Nationalhymne8.00 / Oscillation (1./2. Gear)8.00 / Start Of The Competition Steinstossen13.30 / Decay (3./4. Gang)14.00 / Final 20-kg-Steinstossen14.30 / Final 40-kg-Steinstossen17.15 / end of Decay

7.45 / Ausstich (5. Gear)10.30 / Ausstich (6. Gear)13.30 / Wreath Ausstich (7. Gear)14.45 / Final Unspunnenstein15.15 / wreath ausstich (8. Gear)16.45 / closing speed