Dear chrigu see

In my new role as a TV expert I would have to actually be neutral. But I have to admit, that for me, this was not achieved on Sunday. Yes, I’ve cheered with you.

firstly, because I have you as a person very much. On the other, it would have done me in eternal suffering, if such a gifted transducer as you need to finish his career without this crown would have.

I’ve seen in a very young age, sometimes with envy views. While I was on a narrow litter, you had next to your ingenious sense physically, the ideal conditions for these sports. But that’s exactly why I must say in retrospect that I would have become without you never swing king.

Only thanks to a great companion like you, I was able to grow yourself. Because I wanted to keep up in spite of my physical limits with you, I had to train much harder.

We need to Yes, in retrospect, nothing to fool. There were times where you didn’t have the Optimum out of you brought. But you did, as I learned from your mistakes. You have found with Cécile, the perfect woman, and Tommy Duke is a Trainer required who has found exactly the right methods and words for you.

But please forgive me if I would like to address before the end of this letter, a few words to the man you in the Final round defeated: Joel Wicki, I am also on you, very proud.

There are, in my eyes, no other transducer to get the most out of his physical abilities as much as you, Joel. Therefore, I would be really angry, if you should criticize in the next few days, anyone for this defeat.

since for the last thirty years, has never reached an intra-Swiss in a Swiss wrestling festival, what did you do this time.

Dear chrigu see, dear Joel: Thank you for your great performances!

Your Mättu