I was pulled out two years ago with my dad when salmon fishing in Alaska, he has a 20-pound salmon. I had a king salmon on the hook, but it was not quite as thick as the one from the father. And in Alaska you are allowed to catch per day Yes only one king salmon. And because it was still pretty early in the Morning, I put him back into the water. But I was wrong cards, in this case, violently, I had never a similar to Royal fish on the hook. Have you fished after salmon?
Schuler: no, but I’ve already pulled a couple of neat animals here from the lake Sihl. Once an 83 centimeter long pike perch, and other Times, a meter-long pike.
Niederreiter: Sounds good. But is it true that you’ve been as a kid, a talented hockey player?
Schuler: I have Seewen to 15 next to the Swing with Dario Bürgler in the EHC and in the intra-Swiss U15 national team played. The Pittsburgh Penguins and Ambri-Piotta were my favorite team, Mario Lemieux, Jaromir Jagr and Peter Jaks my idols. Because of the much too early deceased yaks, I would have cut the way I like it bald. In that time, I dreamed that I games to 26 in the NHL and then two Times the vibrating king. But let’s talk about your affinity to talk about my Sport: there Is a ring oscillator in your family?
Niederreiter: My great-grandfather Anton Free some of the wreaths it has won. His son, Koni, so my great-uncle was a weight lifter and the transducer. He has carried out with me the first strength training.

Because he has cared for me relatively early on as a conditioning coach at the juniors, from EHC Chur, was a change to the sawdust, never an issue. But he emphasized a few Times that I would bring, in his opinion, a certain potential for the swinging sports.
Schuler: As my brother Philipp you a couple of years ago for the first time, the spectators on the Brünig has seen, he believed in the first Moment, that you’re a vibrator. You should have with your body and your athleticism is actually very good conditions for a career as a transducer. I don’t know if you’d been a swing king. But I’m sure you won wreaths. How much weight will you bend the knee?
Niederreiter: With you-Wavers I can’t compete in this area for sure. But 200 pounds I have Packed already.
Schuler: With 200 pounds, you’re already very good. My max values are approximately 220 pounds.

I’ve read about this rumor in the Sunday view. But I have no idea if it should be. But, in my opinion, the athletic performance is also not of the sexual inclination.
Niederreiter: , The probability is great that there are gay players in the NHL. But the sexual predisposition of a performance athlete should play in today’s time is really no longer an issue.

Now the conversation is interrupted abruptly. Schwyzer Maritime police to a machine resembling a police boat to control. The Problem: On the ship of the two experienced swimmers, Schuler and Niederreiter two lifejackets were missing. Therefore, the evil Schwyzer transducer and the NHL Star after a warning to the Vigilante without a fishing back to the shore. Before Niederreiter is going back to Chur, wants to Schuler clarify for me a matter of the heart.

Schuler: is it True that your new girlfriend is also called Schuler?
Niederreiter: Yes, and her father comes from the Rothenthurm.
Schuler: Maybe we are even related. I’ll ask at the next opportunity, my father.
Niederreiter: do that, we see ourselves in the train.


In the week before the Federal VIEW hits, two protagonists from the tuning world to a conversation at eye level.

The first part of “eye To eye” with Adi and Remo Käser: “The constant talk of the Schwinger-kind of bothers me enormously!”

The second part of “eye To eye” with Joel Wicki and Matthias Niederreiter “Maybe I would bring the king-Muni, the Mättu

11.00 am / opening of the Festgeländes13.00 / flag reception in Zug14.00 / Start parade

7.30 / invasion of the Schwinger7.45 / Nationalhymne8.00 / Oscillation (1./2. Gear)8.00 / Start Of The Competition Steinstossen13.30 / Decay (3./4. Gang)14.00 / Final 20-kg-Steinstossen14.30 / Final 40-kg-Steinstossen17.15 / end of Decay

7.45 / Ausstich (5. Gear)10.30 / Ausstich (6. Gear)13.30 / Wreath Ausstich (7. Gear)14.45 / Final Unspunnenstein15.15 / wreath ausstich (8. Gear)16.45 / closing speed

23. to 25. August dominate giants, sawdust, and put on their drill trousers, Switzerland – the Swiss Federal wrestling and Alpine sport festival in train. Here you will find everything you need to know about the Mega-Event.