The ballots for amendments to Constitution, there is no error from the point of view of linguistics, the focus should be not on the style, and meaning, told RIA "news" rector of the State Institute of Russian language named after Pushkin Margarita Rusetskaya.

Earlier in the course of communication with journalists the press-Secretary of Russian President Dmitry Peskov, asked me if in the Kremlin, what philologists say about the discrepancy between the decline in voting ballots. Peskov said that to get acquainted with the opinion of philologists of Russian language Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS) on this issue.

"In the sentence "You approve changes to the Constitution of the Russian Federation?" everything is written in Russian, but used a shortened design. A full design would look like this: "You approve changes to the Constitution of the Russian Federation?" That is missing one word that is easily restored in meaning. In natural speech we often use such structures with gaps, it facilitates understanding and speeds up the exchange of information", — said Rusetskaya.

This simplification of the issue is not critical from the point of view of linguistics, she said. In its assessment, in full and in abbreviated wording of the question has the same meaning, "no ambiguity, the wording does not cause". Rusetskaya said that the rest is "the work of sociologists and public taste."

"So I suggest not to commit today to the stylistic battles, and to care primarily about the meaning. If it is transparent, and nothing to worry about. Back to the style when you decide what should be our future", — concluded the rector of the Institute