it’s over! Cuddly singer Eros Ramazzotti (55) and his second wife, Marica pellegri Nelli (31), announced last Sunday, their separation. For ten years the two were a Couple. In 2009, you were in the Royal Palace of Milan to tie the knot. Ramazotti and the Model have two children together: seven-year-old Raffaela, and the four-year-old Gabrio.

Various Italian media quote that had separated the Couple by mutual agreement. The love had changed. But the mutual respect remains unchanged, say it in a joint communication. They had “wonderful ten years” together. In an unforgettable way, you were happy. At the same time you are asked to respect their privacy.

in February raved Ramazzotti in an Interview with the “SI” from his “fantastic wife” and that it was his best idea had been to marry her. To said “image” it in 2012: “anyone Who criticizes the age difference, has no heart. Marica is wonderful. It is said that behind every successful man is a strong woman. Marica is my strong shoulder, it gives me balance.”

Eros Ramazzotti says his Ex-partner was “cool”

24 years of age difference Ramazzotti and pellegri Nelli separate. However, this seems to be not the actual separation reason. To the “Gala” the singer said that his wife is “a bit cool, like all the North of Italy was inside”. “We don’t play for us every day, the big love and passion.”

It is the second marriage of Eros Ramazzotti, the fails. From 1998 to 2009, he was married to the singer and TV presenter Michelle Hunziker (42). They have one daughter together, Aurora (22). Also Hunziker is married for the second Time: And, although with the entrepreneur Tomaso Trussardi (36). With him she has two children: Sole (5) and Celeste (4). (paf)