In the Western administrative district of the capital species of animals and plants listed in the Red book of Moscow, living on especially protected natural territories. This was stated by the experts Mospeada.

From small mammals in the natural reserve “Valley Setun” you can find the weasel and stoat. These predators of the weasel family love to live in thick bushes and under fallen trees. Their diet consists of small rodents.

From critically endangered birds on the small swamps and oxbow meet moorhens, called a water chicken. This bird moves across the pond on the long greenish legs, a good swimmer and deftly walks on aquatic vegetation.

On the river Setun live beavers, which are also listed in the Red book of Moscow. In the floodplain of Aleshinka in the area of Novo-Peredelkino they constructed the greatest dam in the capital.

beavers noticed on the natural territories of Moscow in the afternoon

Also in the floodplain of the Setun river in the middle of summer you notice the beautiful red dragonflies — the beauty of a brilliant and beautiful girl. They like to settle along the natural banks of small rivers.