Erdogan spoke about the

Turkey’s President Tayyip Erdogan said that Turkey will not leave unanswered the fact that Syrian troops have rounded up some observation posts of the Republic in the Syrian Idlib. About this Turkish leader told reporters in his plane while returning from Pakistan. Parts of this interview publishes Turkish TV channel NTV.

“Ankara could not stand idle and will take the necessary measures,” he said.

Erdogan also said about “good conversation” in Idlib with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

the Topic of Syria was in the conversation between Erdogan with the us President Donald trump, according to Turkish news Agency “Anadolu”. The two leaders exchanged views on the issue of immediate termination of the crisis in Iglinsky area of de-escalation. In addition, the presidents of Turkey and the U.S. discussed ways to restore stability in Libya. However, the US claims on Syria made by US special envoy on Syria, James Jeffrey, Erdogan called “unconvincing and contradictory”. Arrived in Ankara, Jeffrey called the Turkish soldiers killed in attack by Syrian government forces, “our martyrs”. “They continuously make conflicting statements: you say one thing today another tomorrow. What to believe?” Erdogan said, answering the journalists ‘ question about anti-US Syrian government and the parallel supply of weapons existing in Syria of the members of the PKK, which is considered in Turkey as a terrorist.

Earlier it was reported about the transfer of Turkish equipment and personnel to Syria. By a Turkish American get supply of MANPADS to militants from the group “Dzhabhat EN-Nusra” (banned in Russia), and where they will be used – nobody knows. Moreover, the Turks supplying militants military form, and they can under the guise of Turkish soldiers to fight against the government troops.