The opposition candidate Ekrem imamoğlu has won after counting of almost all votes in the mayoral election in Istanbul. Imamoğlu received on Sunday, according to the state news Agency Anadolu, around 54 percent of the vote.

His opponent, the former Prime Minister Binali Yildirim, came to around 45 percent. Yildirim admitted his defeat. A statement of the High electoral Commission had yet to be made. It is a crushing defeat for President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, had made in the election campaign for Yildirim strong.

ACP candidate yıldırım congratulated Erdogan opponents imamoğlu

The mayor is the most important in the country. In the metropolis of Istanbul for almost 20 percent of all Turks live, with around 16 million people. The importance of the choice went far beyond the Local and international aims. For many, it was regarded as a Test for the state of democracy in the country.

Yildirim said in the evening, he would like to congratulate imamoğlu and wish him much success. “I wish our friend Ekrem imamoğlu, that he is Istanbul, good services.” Imamoğlu said in the Istanbul CHP Central in front of journalists: “This is not a victory, but a new beginning.” He thanked all the supporters, urging them, however, the ballot boxes will not leave. The distance between the two candidates amounted, according to Anadolu more than 740’000 votes.

imamoğlu had the first mayor election on may 31. March won (EYES reported). The election Commission (YSK) cancelled the adversity the result, however, in the beginning of may because of alleged rule, and there is a request of the AKP of Erdogan. The cancellation was internationally criticised.

“Holy task,” Istanbul’s mayor said to be

choice winner imamoğlu, Istanbul would have defended the “call of democracy”. Turkey have won. He had assumed a “sacred task” and will run his office, “body and soul”. Imamoğlu announced, to visit the President and leader of the conservative AKP party, Erdogan, soon. He wanted to work “in harmony” with him.

Imamoglus supporters celebrated call your candidate with spontaneous Jubilation. On a plane from Istanbul to Bodrum, the people clapped briefly before departure, when they learned of the victory Imamoglus. They called the campaign slogan Imamoglus: “Everything is very good.”

After the controversial cancellation of the interest in the election was extremely high. Many voters failed to complete their holiday and travelled to Istanbul to cast their vote. The airline Turkish Airlines put extra Connections on the flight plan.

turnout 84.4 percent

The turnout was, according to Anadolu at 84.4%, and thus approximately on the same level as in the case of the first election, at the end of March. Choice of around 10.5 million people were entitled to.

The election day itself was largely calm. Renate Zikmund from the 14-member observer mission of the Council of Europe said, “all in all” was lost, the voting sorted. “Organisationally, everything has been raised, what you can do.”

The Council of Europe, based in Strasbourg, wakes up with the European court of human rights (ECtHR) on the observance of human rights in the 47 member States. (SDA/wheel)