Proposals and are divided into areas: economic growth, infrastructure development, human capital, technological development. Recall that earlier Putin against pandemic coronavirus instructed the government to start preparing a national action plan for the normalization of incomes and the growth of the Russian economy.

In total, the working group “United Russia” has prepared about 300 proposals, the most important among them are:

– to increase the payment period of unemployment benefits from three to six months;

– reduce the maximum share of expenses of citizens on housing and communal services in the family income from 22% to 15%;

– to increase the salaries of teachers and doctors by introducing a unified approach to the establishment of salaries and various payments as well as their share in the salary;

to amend the Labour code (regulation of temporary and permanent remote work)

– to reduce the tax burden on small and medium business;

– save before the end of the year a moratorium on planned inspections of business;

– to complete the reform of control and Supervisory activities;

– to recognize victims of a pandemic all organizations, which was closed by the decision of the authorities because of the pandemic;

– strengthen the development of individual housing construction (individual housing mortgage);

– in part to remove export restrictions for the Russian goods and food can be delivered to the affected because of the pandemic in the country.

As told in the party, after presidential approval of the national plan of “United Russia” will provide legislative representation on Federal and regional levels.