Numerous alleged abuse victims of the late US millionaire Jeffrey Epstein (†66) said on Tuesday in a court hearing in New York. Now it is known that the Name of the “Simpsons”-Creator Matt Groening (65) appears in the court records In the published documents, Epstein’s victim Virginia Giuffre (35, formerly known as Virginia Roberts) describes, according to “Daily Mail”, as it has been exploited as minors by Epstein as a sex slave and his famous friends sexual favors had to be.

In its civil suit against Epstein’s assistant and Ex-lover Ghislaine Maxwell (57) claimed Virginia Giuffre, that you met Matt Groening 2001. After a Trip to New Mexico, where Roberts “Threesome with Epstein and Maxwell” had to have kept the Private Jet of billionaire in Carmel, California, to take a guest on Board the “Lolita Express”. “It was Matt Groening, the producer of the “Simpsons”. I loved this Show, and I questioned him about the series out. He told me that almost everything is based on his own family,” says Giuffre.

“When I saw Groening’s feet, I had to pass me and almost”

Then I mixed Epstein and arranged that Giuffre is his guest during the flight, a foot massage: “I have to clients never said “no”. But as I’ve Groening’s seen feet, I needed to pass almost. His toe nails was encrusted yellow and between his sweaty toes were still pieces of his socks.”

Giuffre brought a bowl with warm water and soap and washed Groening the feet: “the Only way I could bear the thought of ever touching them.” Groening had offered to draw during the “Services” in the air a Sketch of Homer and Bart Simpson for Giuffre: “he has signed with “To my biggest Fan, Matt Groening”.” The “Simpsons”Creator had been very kind to her.

Virginia Giuffre appealed on Tuesday in front of the court building to the press and brought even more allegations against Epstein’s long-time friend of Prince Andrew (59). “He knows exactly what he has done. I hope he’s telling the truth,” said Giuffre. They gave, as a 17-to be forced to Year, many times to have Sex with Prince Andrew has been. The Royal has all allegations of himself. (ds/kad)