The difficult economic situation provoked by the outbreak of coronavirus, forced the government to review the funding of key sectors. It is highly likely that the fall will be adjusted to national projects with which Vladimir Putin went to the polls in 2018. According to experts interviewed by may be reduced the amount of funding or targets. Perhaps the authorities will try to find a middle ground.

of Expectation and reality

At the meeting with deputies of the state Duma on 25 may, the Minister of economic development Maxim Reshetnikov said that the government intends to revise some of the targets of national projects by the autumn. Speech, in particular, the national project dedicated to small and medium businesses.

We obviously have to go back to the details of events, but it is possible, and to target, we do not rule out such necessary, rather see her. But I guess we will need to do it a bit later. Still now our focus is in anti-crisis measures: the greatest possible number of SMEs to help, as quickly as possible to achieve the opening of the economy, economic recovery. The metrics we will return, but, I think, somewhere in August-September. Until then the uncertainty will be too great. And of course, we have to reconsider the events of the national project, the Minister said.

I must say that the theme of the revision of the national projects emerged at the highest level in April. 8 the Ministry of Finance reported that the factors of the critical impact of a pandemic on the implementation of key government programs is not fixed. While the Ministry did not rule out that if necessary, changes may be subject to a number of key indicators.

However, 10 April, the press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov said that at the time the adjustment is not required.

This process is quite flexible now, obviously, will be, — he said.

At the same time from the side of the chamber and of the security Council to the implementation of national projects a lot of claims. And this, according to experts, can be taken into account in their review. As noted in conversation with the General Director of Agency of political and economic communications Dmitry Orlov, in that case, if the projects will be reviewed, it is likely the changes will not affect their structure.

Dmitry Orlov (CEO of “Agency of political and economic communications”):

My best guess is the logic of a uniform sequestration of all projects and programmes implemented under the national projects — for example, 15-20%. While a critical assessment of the projects ‘ implementation of security Council Secretary Patrushev and head of the accounting chamber Kudrin also can be to some extent accounted for. For the Russian ruling elite implementation ��of aspektov important priority. I think the final decision on the reductions of funding of national projects will be taken in June-July and after will be known the position of Prime Minister and President for this reason.

with Everything happens to fall

According to the President of the Center for strategic communications Dmitry Abzalov, most likely, will change the calendar to meet the targets, and hence the projects themselves will be adjusted. According to him, it is necessary to revise them and to pour more money into health and social development. Here will most likely change, experts predict.

Dmitry Abzalov (President of the Center for strategic communications):

It is clear that national projects will remain, they will be a major driver of the growth. But the volume there will be completely different. A number of entities that, for example, has imposed a ban on construction work due to coronavirus, going back to them. Obviously, serious questions will be employment, well-being (measures of poverty). But first we need the definition of the baseline. Through national projects, we must ensure that economic boost. This short-term intensive rehabilitation. After the release of the need to stimulate the economy for a successful recovery.

The head of the political expert group Konstantin Kalachev also sure that it will be revised a number of the areas that was hit during the pandemic.

Konstantin Kalachev (head of the “Political expert group”):

Will just change in the gradient is definitely health care. In connection with the coronavirus topical issues of longevity and social support. In the current environment through the projects we need to create maximum number of jobs. It is highly likely that I will have to reconsider the timing of the implementation of the national projects.

Experts point out that the authorities will have to decide on an extremely serious maneuver to save the projects. Political analyst Dmitry Gusev mentions several options that the government has. We are talking about reducing funding and changing targets.

Dmitry Gusev (the analyst):

The national project is the push development programme. If the industry to maintain with less funding, but low targets, it will be a good result.

Experts agree that the final clarity on the future of the national projects will come in the summer — in June-July when the government will start shaping the budget that will be submitted for consideration the lower chamber of Parliament in the autumn session. However, the main difficulty for making the right decisions, according to Abzalov, is the uncertainty — no knowledge of what awaits us in the fall.