Some of the Swiss is likely to be not only returned with great memories from the holidays – but also with hefty Fines. The fine dust and nitrogen oxide pollution due to many European cities and municipalities, environmental zones have been established that restrict the entry of older vehicles. But no matter, whether old or new vehicle, – a paid sticker to go with is in more and more regions and cities is mandatory. If it is missing, it can be very expensive.

it is not just to inner cities, such as Stuttgart or Hamburg (VIEWS reported), but often entire regions, which adopt driving bans for all types of vehicle – a huge patchwork of eco – driving and prohibition zones in the whole of Europe, for the few drivers still looking through.

busses, despite the plaque

In France, for example, there are 33 different environmental zones and individual entry regulations. The Vignette, the so-called Crit’Air, is sold to the Euro-class in six different colors. Cost: 4,80 Euro via the competent Ministry, or 30 euros in the case of a third party. But it is not a guarantee to a fine not prosecuted: In some departments, driving bans, depending on the current measurement. In big cities like Paris there are so-called weather, environmental zones, their Status allowed to Drive or not – within 24 hours can change.

buying alone is not enough

The Overview can keep the specialist Green-Zones. The Portal provides information on country-specific sites about the current status of fixed and temporary environmental zones and offers the plaques directly to the sale.

In what countries you even need a badge? David Pechmann of Green-Zones: “As a Swiss motorist, you need the badge is mandatory in Germany and France, if you want to drive into the environmental zones. In the Belgian cities of Brussels and Antwerp, you must register online only.” Important: The sticker must be affixed to the front windshield of the vehicle, the purchase alone is not enough. In addition, the car must be registered control plate.

About Green-ordered Zones, the cost of plaques for Germany, 40 euros; at the TCS you in advance for 24 (members) or 28 Swiss francs (non-members) available. Alternatively, you can buy it on the spot at Dekra or TÜV for 5 to 8 euros. Where the price differences? The provider will charge postage and expenses for the order.

For the Online registration in Belgium to shell out 20 euros. In Austria, the sticker obligation shall only apply for as a truck registered vehicles such as campers. Soon the eco-Pickerl but mandatory for all.

About 2000 Euro buses in Austria

even today, Austria knows no Mercy: RV Driving without a valid sticker with up to 2180 euros, really expensive. In Germany, it cost 105 euros, in France the buses vary between 70 and 375 Euro, in Belgium, between 150 and 350 Euro.

they Had box after the summer holidays unpleasant Post in the letter? If you are a victim of the buses, the case of the environmental zone, please write to us at and tell us about your case.