Environmental activists have blocked the headquarters of BP in London

BP has suspended work of the main office in the British capital due to the protests of Greenpeace.

the protest was attended by about 100 people, some of them chained themselves to barrels in front of the office BP, others tried to hide from police under the solar panels. According to the organization, the police arrested 12 protesters.

because of the protest, one of the UK’s largest transnational corporations were forced to suspend operation of its main office.

the protest was clearly timed to coincide with the change of leadership at BP in the first day of the new General Director Bernard Looney, who replaced Robert Dudley at the head of corporations, environmental activists are brought to the building of BP’s barrels of oil and solar panels.

the New boss of oil and gas of the Corporation this day was a visit to Germany. In a press-service BP has announced that Bernard Looney, “understands the frustration and anger of protesters in London and shares their deep concern about climate change”.

the media in Greenpeace explained the protest that “BP still produces a lot of hydrocarbons,” noting that the Corporation in this decade are going to spend 71 billion dollars on the development of new oil and gas fields. Overall planned spending BP on traditional energy sources during the current decade will exceed the cost of renewable energy more than 30 times.

Earlier, the UK police issued guidance for civil servants, encouraging them to report on the carrying out of such protests. Greenpeace and other such movements in the updated recommendations was equated to terrorist threats.