The legendary environmentalist Franz Weber (†91) passed away. His daughter, Vera, Weber carries his legacy and has taken over five years ago, the leadership of the Fondation Franz Weber. In an interview with the VIEW she talks about her father and how it goes with the Fondation.

I have observed all my life his work and his influence. Even as a child! And I also worked early on. I have been working for 20 years in the FFW – for five years as President. What has impressed me about my father the most was his fearlessness. I have taken it from him.

Oh, there are so many experiences! There were many larger and smaller campaigns. When I was a child, he saved the Grand hotel Giessbach – I spent part of my Childhood there. This also showed me that you can achieve with a fight something! With my parents, this fight was every day very intensively. My mom was his right Hand and has his back. There was no quiet Minute, not a peaceful family life – we have constantly worked. That was very formative for me.

My father was always driven by his fight for a better world. With his illness, he has a calmness and a peace, which he would have otherwise not had. He is really loving and peaceful – to a loving father. I was able to share a lot with him, which was very nice. Therefore, I was able to deal well with his dementia.

Yes, my mother and me, he has always recognized. Practically until the end, it went to him very well, within a few days you can then see that it comes to an end. I was at his last day, for hours and hours with him. He has called me by name, and his cheek caressed. We were able to say goodbye to a very warm welcome.

My father has launched the Initiative – and I led the vote campaign. He stopped for health reasons in the Background. The biggest successes of my father, however, were different: the protection of The vineyards of the Lavaux, the salvation of Delphi in Greece, the protection of the Danube river-floodplains and, of course, his fight against the seal hunt in Canada.

no. His spirit will remain, and we continue his life’s work. I have learned a lot from him and carry out his legacy. It is also our responsibility. We will continue to fight with vigor and enthusiasm for a better world.

On the 19. May the Basler population about an Oceanarium. This we want to prevent! In addition, we run a big campaign for an absolute international ban on the ivory trade. 23. May begins with a species protection conference in Sri Lanka, because we are fighting on the Front line for the elephants.