Lukas Uehlinger (50) is disappointed. For over 20 years, he runs the Restaurant “Café Fédéral” at the Bern Federal court, and entertained there, Locals, tourists, and Federal officials. The Latter is not Uehlinger currently speak as well. The Federal Council has closed due to the Corona-crisis, all of the Restaurants, he can understand. “The Federal Council is doing a Super Job in this crisis,” he says to VIEW. “With the rescue loans, he now helps many companies.”

Less enthusiastic of the Gastro-business owners about how the Federal government treats entrepreneurs like him. Its a total of 50 employees, he leads a second Restaurant in Bern – has Uehlinger set to short-time work. You will now receive 80 percent of your loss wages from the unemployment insurance Fund.

employees now have more money than the boss

Otherwise Uehlinger himself: He only receives 3320 francs in the month. He has paid in for 20 years, also in the unemployment insurance. “Theoretically, everyone now has my 50 employees more money than I do,” he says. It was “incomprehensible” that a trader, the Deposit just to receive non-adequate wage replacement.

How Uehlinger, it is hundreds of thousands of entrepreneurs, shop owners, architects, beauty salons, Carpenters. More than 500’000 SMEs in Switzerland. You create more than four million jobs. Many companies are organized as an AG or GmbH, and the owners themselves. Your salary it is taxable in the normal, and a pay AHV and unemployment insurance Fund.

“wages of the chief officers on 3320 franc

cut” That you get now, however, as little explains, the Federal government thus: “There are a lot of people who pay significantly more social security contributions than they will receive the pension. This is the principle of a social insurance”, says Boris Zürcher (55), head of the labour Directorate in the state Secretariat for economic Affairs (Seco).

In normal times, employees in the employer to be “similar Situation” how Uehlinger not eligible. Due to the exceptional position of the Federal have made now in the sense of a hardship provision for an exception. And the lump sum, give it, because the mass was to define the relevant wage of such people is difficult – you could use this to determine even.

That entrepreneurs are now being fobbed off so cheap, may be Casimir Platzer (58) don’t like. “What the Federal government is doing, is not only a joke, but downright a mockery in the direction of entrepreneurship”, het up over the President of Gastrosuisse. This he had communicated to the Minister of economy, Guy Parmelin (60, SVP), also in a letter. With these 3320 franc, the employer would be worse off than the workers. “If this amount is enough for the livelihood of the entrepreneurs, one would have to reduce immediately the wages of the chief officers of the Seco on 3320 francs.”

“the Federal Council must, on the books,”

It gives unequal treatment: individual companies – some self-employed lawyers, architects and taxi drivers, the life directly from your income. You now Corona-the purchase of a replacement, if they have Corona-induced failures.

Although you do not pay into unemployment insurance, get it now, up to 196 francs per day. This makes the end of the month up to a Maximum of more than the short-time working, compensation for entrepreneurs like Uehlinger. Will need a Deposit paid from the pot of the acquisition compensation, in the all. The architect as Uehlinger.

The place, addressed to the unequal treatment: “This is a bad Signal to all entrepreneurs in the country – I personally don’t feel valued.”

the support he receives from the policy. “The Federal Council does a very good Job. Exceptional situations require exceptional measures, and it is not easy to be always fair,” said national councillor Jacqueline de Quattro, (59, FDP). “But here I would like to submit to the state government to go back on the books. It comes to SMEs, those entrepreneurs who are the backbone of our economy.”