Effects of coronakrisen can end up cost English football more than a billion dollars, estimates the federation.

the world of Football bleeds money, while coronaviruses have put a stop to the conduct of matches, tournaments and leagues.

English soccer is no exception. Here the loss may end up round a billion Danish kroner.

It says the chief executive of The English Football association (FA) Mark Bullingham, in a statement on the FA’s website.

– We have been hit quickly and sharply due to the postponement of the matches, FA Cup matches and other events at Wembley (the English national stadium, eds.), and it is not to say, when it all can be put in again, says Mark Bullingham.

– The total economic loss is considered to be around 100 million pounds (about 850 million), but can easily round 150 million (almost 1.3 billion dollars), depending upon the length of the government’s guidelines required.

the FA have proposed the employees who earn over 50,000 pounds per year, temporary to go 7.5% down in pay. The senior management has already agreed to go 15 percent down in salary, while those in the FA who earns the most, has gone up to 30 percent down.

the Premier League is postponed indefinitely. There has not been the game matches since the start of march.