was burned snorkeling After an hour your back total. The Englishwoman Maisie Squires (16) published on Thursday a photo of her sunburn on Facebook. The burns are so strong that in the red skin, two huge bubbles have formed.

The 16-Year-old spent the summer holidays together with your family in Cuba. The last day she wanted to use for a snorkeling Expedition. The tropical sun, the burning rays of your back total – despite the sun cream. As they flew the next day back to England, had to Squires, to endure for nine hours with severe burns in the plane.

“I have published a very light skin”

On Facebook you back on Thursday two photos of her burned. On one of the pictures even shows how the two bubbles under the T-Shirt protrude. “So my sun and saw the fire after an hour of snorkeling. I have noticed that my back was burning and I got me Creamed, wrote the 16-Year-old. “There were even bubbles, because the sun in Cuba was so hot on Tuesday. In addition, I have a very light skin.”,

The Facebook post has since been shared more than 11,000 Times, and over 18’000 Times commented. One of the users wrote: “it looks very painful. I hope your skin was not damaged too much.” Another Person said: “almost Looks like a third-degree burn.”

another user wrote, worried: “You need immediate medical help. It is severe burns. Possibly a skin transplant is necessary. I would be very surprised if they let you actually fly. By the burns and sunstroke your body can also suffer a shock. Please, please search medical help.”

Squires has still writes a lot of pain

“The Sun”, has also reported the father, Dean Squires (38), to word. “Actually, the burns looked much worse. Every Time I looked at Maisie, and I was troubled again. Something So Awful I’ve never seen before. I don’t know that young people listen to often, but my daughter had painted really with sun cream.”

In England, be went immediately to the hospital. “The Doctors have treated the combustion with SudoCrem and told us to let it naturally heal.” The 16-Year-old himself says: “The blisters on my back are still very sore. That’s why I can’t just sit still back or on the back.”

emergency room for Gölä

Also in the er dialect Rocker Gölä (51) landed. For the video shoot to the Schwinger-Song with Rocker-Mr Trauffer (40) were the two musicians at the summit of the Jungfrau, 4158 meters above sea level and refused to complete the sun protection. With To Follow. Both were in the evening, bright red in the face, because you had gotten a severe sunburn. Gölä snow was on the next day, even blind. His wife drove the “Swan”-singer in the case of an emergency.

Gölä as well as Trauffer had such severe burns in the face, that parts of the top layer of skin replaced. “Of course, we are idiots,” said Trauffer obvious. Two weeks it took, until the skin had recovered. (frk)