A year has passed since Princess Haya (45) from Dubai escaped, and in the London asylum has been looking for. She took off out of fear of her husband, Dubai ruler Sheikh Mohammed. With in tow: her two children, and 38 million francs!

Now wanted to be the Princess of your asylum application by fencing. In vain. London refused, as the magazine “Gala” reported. However, Haya has powerful friends and relatives: Jordan’s king Abdullah II bin al-Hussein is her half-brother. Previously, he held the marriage Affairs of his half-sister out. Until now.

Now she is a diplomat

Bin al-Hussein is said to have appointed Haya short-hand for the diplomat. According to media reports, he gave her a management Job at the Jordanian Embassy in the United Kingdom.

So would enjoy the Princess and immunity. In addition, your special protection in England should be granted. Arrest and prosecution were no longer an issue.

Even Haya is fighting in front of the English court for custody of their children. Sheikh Mohammed had requested, the two are expected to return to Dubai. The divorce should be filed with the Princess shortly after her Disappearance. (hah)