Enforced isolation - with health benefits: expert advice

Everyone who comes back from abroad, are required to undergo a two-week quarantine. Besides, now many people are switching to remote working. How to wrap himself in favor of forced isolation?

not very Large company, if possible, transferred their employees to work remotely in pandemic coronavirus COVID-19. Others have mandatory quarantine. The opportunity to sit at home, someone happy, someone-no, because there are nuances here. Working at home can not do everything.

“There are statistics. Eight out of ten people work, and two said, “No, it’s not mine. I find it easier to go to work in the official chart, to be told what to do.” Here because first of all it is necessary correctly to define the tasks. It is difficult to organize their time. Not everyone understands how to build a work schedule. Someone wants to work two hours, and plans to continue his work, and someone comes out from behind the computer 20 hours a day. It is also bad for health. Girls stop wearing makeup, to take care of themselves. This also happens,” — says the organizer of courses for remote work of Elena Abramova.

But fitness trainers claim that the quarantine is a good reason to do them. The main thing — to make a correct schedule of activity, not just sitting at home. Workout for fit all — old dusty exercise equipment, exercises from the curriculum for physical education, and even General cleaning.

“it Can be easy to walk around the apartment and do the norm in 10 thousand steps a day. You can pick up the phone, wear headphones and view the video, work out in the end. Just move actively. Now the coaches are moving online. They understand that it’s necessary. You can find any direction (e.g., quiet) and work from home. Just have time for exercise activity, exercise and get in shape,” advises fitness trainer Karina Khisamova.

at home, you can take care of your health, and sportsNoi form. Agree and nutritionists. But in order for the quarantine period not to gain, and to lose pounds or at least stay in your weight, you have to start with making graphics power.

“If the people who were engaged in heavy physical labor, sit on udalenku, they retain the compensatory appetite. No load, and the appetite persists. They will have to halve your diet. If we are talking about cereals, they need to be alternated. Not every day to eat buckwheat because on the third day the immune system works and perceives the buckwheat as the enemy,” said the dietitian, the therapist Rimma moysenko.

Dosing nutritionists suggest not only cereals but also meat, sweet and fatty foods, bread. Refrigerator it is better to fill with vegetables (even frozen), berries, fruit. So more frequent trips to the fridge for a long stay at home will not cause deterioration of health.