The latest solar energy system with backup function was presented in Hong Kong.

Meco Limited (mecobit) unveiled the highly anticipated Ultimate Solar Power System (a solar power system with amazing backups and cryptocurrency miners) at an exclusive launch event at the Hong Kong Technology Bureau in August 2022.

Compact Solar Station Solar Panel Kit (Complete) Solar Array M4000 Highlights – One of the most remarkable solar powered crypto assets in the world. Essential gear that helps keep devices running or supporting such as: Appliances, clothes dryers, pool siphons or electric car chargers – or even cryptocurrency mining facilities.

The company is looking for a solution to the global problems of fossil fuel by-products and high electricity consumption. β€œIt improves the way we approach imagination and planning. In addition, this advancement should be reasonable for the customer,” said B. FRANCI, CEO of MECO LIMITED.

Since the solar-powered part of the controlled hash rate is seemingly easy to develop, many see the potential for sustainable power use in bitcoin mining as a cycle of justice – Mecobit gives cryptocurrency mining an extreme boost by enabling the mission to use sustainable electricity. The cheapest possible electricity will lead to more tasks being directed exclusively to environmentally friendly sources such as solar energy.