It was an evening full of premieres: Luca Hänni (24) was yesterday for the first Time on the stage of the Energy Air, to the annual concert summer finale of Radio Energy. “Such a huge occasion, and the first in my city!”, he will be happy. Luca, the audience was darling: Just at the mention of his Name circle the 40 000 visitors were loudly you sang his ESC and the summer Hit “She Got Me”.

At the Mega-Event were also Soul Star Aloe Blacc (40), and Rap-Idol Sido (38) and provided in the case of YB-Gerardo Seoane (40) for enthusiasm: “it’s Incredible to see the stadium full of music Fans. A mood that is almost like the championship celebration!”

Alina book Schacher showed for the first time with baby bump

Everyone’s attention, the Ex-Miss Alina book Schacher (28) moved on: they showed, for the first time, pleasant baby tummy: “My Little one seems to have rhythm in their blood,” she says, laughing. “It occurs constantly around.”

now is a Konzertfan Louie (2). The radiant son of the former Freestyle Skier Mirjam Jäger (36) and male model Rafael Beutl (34) took part for the first Time at an open-air event. “He is really euphoric. Maybe he will later, Yes time musician.”

Huge stage for the Swiss artist

in addition to Luca Hänni other Swiss musicians were still in the mood, so the Bieler Band Pegasus, and the Zurich Latin singer Loco Escrito (29). “Beautiful, what a great stage to local artists here,” says Sven Epiney (47). “I’m always happy with!”