Visitors WNDH one of the first in the capital will test benches with solar panels, Wi-Fi modules and chargers. This is the website of the Moscow mayor.

Recall that on may 27, mayor Sergei Sobyanin signed a decree “On conducting a pilot testing of innovative solutions in the city of Moscow”. According to him, high-tech businesses will receive support in the testing of their developments. ENEA will be one of the venues for the testing of innovative developments. And technologies that successfully pass testing, the innovation Agency of Moscow plans to extend and recommended for implementation in other public urban spaces.

As head of the Department of entrepreneurship and innovative development of Moscow Alexey Fursin, to the end of the year the exhibition area will establish benches with solar panels, Wi-Fi modules and chargers. To recharge their devices, the citizens can through the USB port. Day benches will collect energy through solar panels installed in the seats, and at dusk they automatically turn on led lights. Some of the benches were additionally equipped with heated seats, cooling fans, and temperature sensors, movement and lighting.

According to fursina, soon guests of the exhibition will acquaint with the robotic sports training complex. It’s a football stadium, on the four sides to which a special gun. They shoot balls, and the player’s task is to accept the filing and send the balls into color-coded target. To train on the ground would be both Amateurs and professional players.

Then the guests of the exhibition are waiting for innovation in the field of urban agriculture, education and other fields.