ENEA has launched a new digital platform, which contains archival documents related to the exhibition. This was announced by the Deputy mayor of Moscow Natalia Sergunina.

At the moment portal premium materials — an online resource with a huge database of digitized archival documents. The platform contains documents since the founding of ENEA in 1939. The information is laid out in open access.

Documents contain information on labour collectives and separate workers ever rewarded at ENEA. To date, the portal contains about 11.5 thousand award decisions for period from 1939 to 1991. In the next year, the platform will accommodate 14 thousand documents.

“the Exhibition of achievements of national economy is a reflection of the national history. It is important for us carefully to preserve it. Hence the idea of the project is to immortalize the contributions of each, whose success and best practices were the pride of the country and was shown here at ENEA,” said Sergunina.